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As an alternative to coaching packages, I offer the Coaching Alliance.  The Coaching Alliance is based on a mutual understanding of your objective and an active partnering to work together for a predetermined length of time.  In establishing this foundation, we can chart a course that will be most useful and appropriate for you.  You determine the number and frequency of sessions.  I will then develop a Personalized Coaching Plan that will provide shape to the process yet is flexible and accommodating to your specific needs.  I ask that all sessions be individually prepaid, rather than require a pre-paid package fee.  You are welcome to contact me for single or multiple sessions.  I recommend a three-month Alliance, at weekly or bi-weekly intervals, which provides the opportunity for enabling life-long, sustainable change. 

Culture of Health Business Coaching Package Rates individually assessed per size and scope.

Take Control of Your Health!  Create a Personal Health Plan that allows you to live the life you envision with more Energy, Empowerment and Success.

  • Take on ANY Health Challenge, Short-term or Long-term

  • Utilize a Holistic Approach for Whole-Body Harmony

  • Outline your Optimal Health Vision

  • Build Strength & Stamina, One Step at a Time

  • Identify Obstacles to Change

  • Create Realistic Action Steps

  • Cultivate Motivation and Inspiration

  • Discover the Power of the Alliance to achieve the Change You Want

  • Reap the Rewards of Your Efforts: Reinvention and Self-Determination!

Nutritarian Eating

Nutritarian Eating (Choosing Foods Based on Highest Nutrient Density), can Improve Body Function and Enhance Performance and Appearance.  Create an upward cycle of improvement through informed food choice.

  • Boost Health, Mood and Increase Vitality & Longevity

  • Reduce Brain Fog, Depression

  • Balance Hormones Through Food

  • Refine Your Eating Plan

  • Eliminate Cravings for Unhealthy Food

  • Explore Easy Ways to Increase Whole-Food Consumption

  • Optimize Intake of Protein, Complex Carbohydrates and Fats.

  • Reduce Likelihood of Disease, Including Diabetes, Obesity, Dementia, Cancer & Cardiovascular Disease

Stress Management

Explore techniques for calming the mind and body in an increasingly over-stimulated world.  Nurture Resilience Intelligence and Chart Your Path of Recovery.

  • Explore your Stress Triggers and Symptoms

  • Create a Personal Plan for Stress Reduction

  • On-The-Spot Exercises for Immediate Relief

  • Utilize Progressive Relaxation, Visualization, Mindfulness and Acceptance Therapy

  • Reclaim Deep Breathing

  • Deepen Sleep and Meditation 

  • Gain Focus & Control of Thoughts


Coaching during pregnancy provides support during this exciting yet challenging life experience. The Lean Program provides practical ways to positively impact each stage of pregnancy.

​L.E.A.N. Expectations Program

Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, Nutritarian Eating

  • Eating for 2: Pregnancy & Postpartum Nutritarian Food Choice

  • Learn Why Folate and Other Nutrients from Foods are Superior to Supplements

  • Safe Exercise

  • Create Healthy Womb Environment

  • Morning Sickness

  • Omega 3s for Brain Growth

  • Pantry Makeover

  • Preparing for Delivery

  • Bonding with Baby


Creativity Coaching can unlock the keys to creative expansion.  Explore Engaging your Creativity, Mastering your Challenges and Actualizing Creative Results utilizing tools from Positive Psychology.

  • Harness Your Inspirations

  • Do What You Love 

  • Analyze Your Creative Blocks 

  • Develop Stamina

  • Tackle Procrastination

  • Overcome Criticism & Transcend Rejection

  • Create the Conditions for Flow

  • Celebrate your Creative Power

  • Maximize Creativity in Leadership to Enhance Success in Business

Orientation/ Gender Identity

Coaching for Exploration and Support. This alliance offers an affirmative space for discovering your personal truth.  Transcend perceived limitations and open the door to new possibilities. 

  • Gain Clarity About What You Want​

  • Resolve Indecision

  • Positive Alternative for the "Ominous Coming Out Talk"

  • Explore Getting Clear with Others, Setting Boundaries, Making Requests and Enhancing Communication

  • Cultivate Self-Acceptance

  • Relationship Awareness

  • Speak with Ease in an Anonymous and Confidential Setting

Tech Addiction

Find Balance and Regain Control with Coaching for Tech Addiction.  Create healthy boundaries for technology use and EMF Exposure.

  • Practical Strategies to Stay Connected after Disconnecting

  • Become Aware of Low-Level Anxiety Associated with Smart Phones

  • Recognize Negative Impacts of Excessive Technology Absorption 

  • Improve Concentration 

  • Create Stronger Relationships

  • Harness & Reclaim Lost Time

  • Improve Finances by Reducing Online Shopping



Self-Exploration in a positive and open atmosphere.  Take a fresh look at what drives your decision-making and what perpetuates your habits of thought about who you are.

  • ​Become aware of your patterns

  • Explore your Conscious and Subconscious Mind

  • Examine the feedback loops that support your habits

  • Develop Insight into your Inner Blocks and how to Reset

  • Hone your Intuition

  • Uncover what holds you back and make the changes you desire!

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Your Personal Alliance

Partnership, Exploration, Collaboration and Accountability for any area of your life.  Combine any of the Alliances listed here or request an Alliance unique to your personal situation.

  • Transitions

  • Relationship Goals

  • Budgeting/Financial Goals

  • Soft Skill Development

  • Interpersonal Relationship Skills

  • Hosting Personal & Business Gatherings

  • Holistic Pet Care

  • Open-Topic Clarity Session

  • Your Unique Alliance

Create a Culture of Health for Your Business

Discover how implementing a Culture of Health can strengthen your business and benefit your employees, your customers and your community.

  • Learn the business case to adopt a Culture of Health using the Four Pillars Framework as taught by the Harvard Chan School of Public Health

  • Support the Health and Well-Being of the People and the Environment that are the Foundation of Your Business

  • Acquire the Strategies and Tools to Implement a Culture of Health in Your Business

  • Gain a Competitive Advantage by Reducing Costs, Increasing Revenues and Enhancing Your Business's Reputation by using a Culture of Health

  • Examine Real-World Examples of Culture of Health Implementation that could apply to Your Business