Whole-Food & Plant-Based


Discover a Vibrant Way of Eating and Lifestyle Based on Plants

Eating Whole Foods Can Have A Transformative Effect on Your Health and Wellness

The PURE Program, all-digital and downloadable, provides 12 weeks of Guidance, Support and Inspiration, delivered to your email with easy pacing and a fresh format.

  • Two Beautiful 275-page downloadable Transitional & Vegan Recipe Books

  • 12 Weekly Modules

  • 12 Weekly Workbooks

  • Daily Email with Technique and Encouragement

  • Full One-Month Meal Plans

  • Grocery Lists

  • Mindset & Mindfulness Instruction & Exercises

  • Self-Care, Resilience & Fitness

  • Goal Setting

PURE is a Physician-Approved Program Designed to Bring More Whole Foods Into Your Way of Eating

You will receive both the Transitional Recipe Book and Menu, which includes meat, eggs and dairy, and you will receive the Vegan Recipe Book and Menu, which is meat, egg and dairy free. 

As unique individuals, our bodies have unique dietary needs. 

PURE is designed to be flexible and grow with you on your health journey.

  • 5 Important Nutrients for Plant-Based Eating

  • Seasonal Eating/Shopping Tips

  • Organics/GMOs

  • Traditional Food Preparation - Soaking & Sprouting

  • Learn to make Water Kefir

  • Stress & Stimulation

  • Journaling, Vision & Action Boards

  • Healthy Home Checklist

The PURE Program is a Comprehensive

Lifestyle Experience

Designed to Enhance Healthy Living

Inspired and insightful, the Weekly Modules cover the topics listed and more, with fillable PDFs for easy weekly assessments of the changes you are making.  The Weekly Workbooks are also fillable so that you can simply open and type directly into the PDFs to explore and document your progress.


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Due to the downloadable nature of the program, refunds are not available, however, Millennium offers a price-match guarantee.

This program is typically priced at far more than this reduced cost and usually only available when purchased as a component of expensive coaching packages. Should you find this program at a lower cost, Millennium Coaching will promptly and happily fulfill our price-match guarantee with an appropriate partial refund.

It is our belief at Millennium Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching that this important and potentially life-changing information should be affordable and available to those ready for a new, health-promoting path in life.


Whole-Foods Plant-Based Eating & Lifestyle Program


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