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For the Change Makers

Because Social Change

Starts From Within

Do you hear the call to change?

Are you ready?

There is a new story emerging.  A new way forward.

We’re at a time in history in which things are changing, and by necessity.  It’s been recognized that the old way is no longer working. What’s the old way?  It’s passive acceptance that the status quo -- the way things have always been -- is working.  And it’s operating under the belief system that we are separate, that we can compete in a world of finite resources. On both the personal level and the world level, recognizing the limitations of these two ideas offer us a way forward that is radically different from where we’ve come.

It’s time to embrace radical change.  On the world level, from the environmental, medical, financial, educational and political systems to government-subsidized GMO monoculture food production, these old ways of life are signaling that change is needed.  To rise to the challenge will be the greatest accomplishment of our time. There are future generations dependent on an upleveling of consciousness. To embrace radical change in the world, we must first do so from within.